from my amazing clients

"Elaine is the ultimate stylist! She is a great listener and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the process.

From a visit in my home closet to several store visits in which she had pre-selected items for me to try on. She worked so well with the sales people at each of the stores and made the experience feel seamless. Her selections were spot-on for my event, and we went to retailers where I felt comfortable with the price points. She helped me take my style to the next level and helped in my decision-making among items. She was incredibly respectful of my time in each of our interactions--arriving early for each and ending on time. She gave me her full attention throughout our time together and made me feel like a priority client. Overall, she is a class act--an incredible professional with a warm heart and a true talent in her craft."

- Lauren D.

"Elaine was referred to me for styling help. She is truly amazing.


You may think that her service is simply to provide help with shopping for new clothes, but in fact, she provides a calculated approach to setting up your wardrobe. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Great style. Really understands what will work for you."

- Rupan T.

"Elaine was terrific!

I met with Elaine Yu on 4/24 for a personal styling session. Session was for 2 hrs. Elaine was terrific! She was thorough, introduced me to new stores that I normally don't shop in and we packed a lot into 2 hours. She also assisted me with some basics of accessorizing. Very happy with my purchases and her advice."

Sheryl S.

"Elaine made me excited about clothes and shopping!

Elaine was AMAZING to work with. I dislike shopping, get intimidated by all the selections, and get stressed when it comes to putting an outfit together. Elaine made me excited about clothes and shopping! She understood exactly what I was looking for and selected pieces of clothing that make me feel confident. I can now go into my closet and confidently pick out an outfit for work, going out with friends, etc. She made me happy and excited about picking out an outfit and I feel so confident all my outfits!" 

Lauren A.

"Elaine's approach to revamping my spring/summer wardrobe was wonderful.


She is extremely efficient and organized. My closet is cleaned out and organized. More importantly, I now have age-appropriate, stylish clothes and shoes for every occasion that I feel good in. Can't wait to overhaul my fall/winter wardrobe!"

Christine M.

"Elaine is a style consulting gem.


Whether you need an outfit for work or weekends or the gym, her discerning eye will help you find the best pieces for your body type. I wish I could have her next to me every time I look for new items for my closet!"

Krista T.

"If you’re struggling to create a wardrobe that represents who you are,
stop wasting your time and call Elaine!

As a physician with my own practice in NYC and two small children at home, I don’t have time to shop. During my two pregnancies and the few years of weight fluctuations, I wore clothes and shoes that were functional but started to feel boring and stale.

It was time for a change! I found Elaine on Facebook and purchased her
Style Overhaul package to revamp my summer wardrobe. She immediately understood my style goals and found me several outfits for work, going out, weekends, lounging by the pool, and even comfortable pajamas. Wearing clothes that fit well and look good changed my mood and I received lots of compliments.

I was so happy with Elaine’s services that I hired her again this season and chose to spend my birthday shopping with her! My wardrobe is now complete. Recently, I received a compliment from one of my pharmaceutical sales reps who said, “Now you’re the quintessential NYC doctor.”

If you’re struggling to create a wardrobe that represents who you are, stop wasting your time and call Elaine!" 

Moush SK

"Thank you so much for a great Style session!


Your ideas and recommendations are a great help indeed. Your thoughts on the how to put together my existing wardrobe and identifying what is missing were much on the dot. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge in such a fun way. I look forward to receiving the style lookbook - it will be a great time-saver in the mornings."

- S.M.

"Thanks so much for making the Sort so easy and fun!


Looking at my closet and not seeing lots of outdated, ill-fitting clothes has already done wonders for my psyche!! I'm excited about opening up some space in my closet and definitely feel that getting rid of the clutter has made it much easier to get dressed every day!"

- Maggie

"Thank you, Elaine, for turning me into someone who looks forward to getting dressed!  


The Sort, Shop & Style was exactly what I needed to get out of my boring habits and see my style more clearly.


I thought the Sort would be over in a flash when you realized I didn’t have much of value in my closet.  But I was amazed hours later when you assembled and photographed a dozen outfits I would never have put together myself!  And the way you left my closet so neat and organized was a major bonus.


Shopping has never been so painless.  I really felt like you valued my time and limited endurance by removing all the roadblocks.  You took care of all the heavy lifting, from stocking the dressing room with awesome pieces ahead of time, hanging everything up and grabbing accessories and other sizes.


Everything came together in the final Style visit.  Even after making my purchases, I was a little hesitant to put it all together.  The last meeting was the confidence builder that made me feel I knew how to make it all work.  And in those moments I forget – I know I can cheat by turning to the lookbook you created. 


In just a week of wearing my new and (and old) clothes, I have gotten a great response.  I now think of your advice each time I get dressed and feel empowered to put my best self forward."

- Dina

"Her down to earth approach to clothes and style instantly put me at ease.

I recently worked with Elaine and what an amazing experience. While I was somewhat intimidated/nervous working with a professional stylist, my worries were completely dismissed as soon as I met Elaine. Her down to earth approach to clothes and style instantly put me at ease. After the sort, shop & style sessions I was thrilled to see the new wardrobe and the new me develop. I now love getting dressed and getting out.


I have officially retired my sweats and t-shirts and I am now dressing in classy age-appropriate styles. Elaine styled me for all aspects of my everyday life. Whether going out to do errands or going to lunch or dinner I can open my closet and find something to wear stress free. Elaine has introduced me to new colors and new combinations; ones I never wore before but look great on me. Elaine is always there to answer questions and I have every confidence in her and don’t think I will ever do any shopping without her again. I am very much looking forward to our Spring sort, shop & style. Thanks, Elaine!!"

-Lisa A.

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