style overhaul

This package is for when you need some serious help with your attire.


Whether you just feel like you are in a “style rut,” have started a new position and want to dress to impress, or if you just know it is time to hit the reset button on your closet. When you get the style overhaul, we’ll be doing just that, transforming your entire closet so it matches your job, lifestyle, and personality.

style overhaul

quick overview


  • Guided, six-step process to reset your entire wardrobe

  • New shoes, accessories, undergarments & more!

  • Personalized style guide, lookbook & support & more!

how it works

Step 1 : SORT, 2 HRS

I will come to your home and get to the root of your style issues. What are your current style frustrations? What are you feeling insecure about? What is missing from your wardrobe? Together we will find the answers to those questions and more.


Bonus 1: Whatever you want to consign or donate, I’ll haul away for you!


Bonus 2: If you have some great shoes which need some touch ups to be good as new, I’ve got you covered. Prior to our Style step, I’ll drop shoes off at my favorite shoe repair shop to be touched up and they will be delivered to your home when they are ready.

Step 2 : Foundation SHOP, 2 HRS

Your first shopping trip is for the basics. These essentials are necessary and are rarely anyone’s favorite part of clothing shopping. On this trip, we will grab bras, underwear, hosiery, and other foundation building items. (When I said we were going to rebuild from the ground up, I was serious!)

Step 3 : signature SHOP, 3 HRS

Based on the plan orchestrated during the Sort, I will spend a few hours pre-shopping so you’ll only need to go into the dressing room and try on possible signature pieces for your new wardrobe. In this step we’ll be trying out things like black pants, jeans, blouses, tee shirts, dresses, and sweaters. These necessary pieces will do a lot for your closet, and you may even begin to see outfits as they begin to take shape.

step 4 : shoes & accessories shoP, 2 HRS

Shoes and accessories – they can take outfits to the next level! On this shopping trip we will focus on jewelry, handbags, and all the shoes you need for commuting, social events, work days, and more!

Step 5 : tailoring session, 1 HR

This step can take pieces that aren’t perfect and make them fit like a glove. Need a bit of hemming? Need jacket sleeves shortened? They’ll also take care of any small alterations or adjustments to make dresses fit perfectly.

Step 6 : style, 2 HRS

This step is where the real magic happens. Once you have a five-star wardrobe, I’ll come back to your home and create outfits you need for work or play with the pieces we’ve purchased, and we’ll even conquer accessorizing so you never have to waste another moment wondering what to wear. The best part? I’ll snap photos as we go. After we are done you’ll receive a personal lookbook so you will always know which pieces go best together.

Lookbook Included!

You’ll get a printed and digital lookbook so you'll never doubt your appearance again!



As an additional bonus you’ll get a Style Overhaul Plan which is a strategic overview of your overhaul. You’ll get step by step updates on your style transformation so you will be up to date throughout the process.


I will send you a personalized style guide which includes all the tips we discuss. You can stop reading all those fashion articles in magazines or online because you’ll have a personalized style reference guide.


It will be designed with regard to your custom style requirements and body type! Have what works best for you and what is best to avoid all in one place.


You’ll receive an online shopping guide so you know how you can expand your wardrobe when the time comes. You’ll have the capability and flexibility to add things you need, when you need them.


You’ll get superior service and early sale notifications from my retail partners.


Whatever you don’t want from your original clothing collection doesn’t have to become a hassle.


 I’ll haul those pieces away for consignment or donation. On average, my clients earn $200 from things that are just collecting dust!.


I will be available for Style Support Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM via text, phone, or email. I’ll answer your questions or address your concerns for one month to ensure you get the most out of your new wardrobe!


A wardrobe tool kit will also be provided so you can keep your new and old garments in top form and looking new.

Style Overhaul

out with old and in with the new

Book now to begin your closet transformation!

Make a splash every day, whether you are in the board room or are with the family. With the Style Overhaul you’ll get a calculated transformation of your wardrobe. I will guide you through every step of the process. Never fear, though. In the end you’ll have a style shift that is far enough outside of your comfort zone to make a dramatic shift in your personal style, but the changes will be true to yourself. I want you to be yourself, but a version that feels and looks better.

*Price does not include the cost of items purchased.