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Confession - I spent the month of January obsessed with Marie Kondo's new Netflix series. Have you seen it? Home Depot became my favorite place to shop for home organization tools such as clear plastic bins and shelving units. You know those deep dark corners of your home that go pleasantly unnoticed while they just get more and more cluttered? Well, I cleaned out those dreaded spaces first which meant the organization process only became increasingly more enjoyable. And the best news - once my home decluttering project was completed, I decided to dive deep into my closet and finally work on creating a capsule wardrobe for spring.

As a lifelong minimalist, I already have a very streamlined and purposeful wardrobe. You'd be shocked by my small but perfect-for-me closet! My goal is to determine whether or not I can pare down my clothes even farther. Since I spent the last several years investing in high quality classics that I love (like my 2 leather motorcycle jackets) there aren't many gaps in my daily outfits. I could use a few new items to refresh my style for the new season but since there's still time, I'm going to continue thinking it over.

For now, here's my spring wish list:

Denim skirt


Blousy short sleeve top


Adidas Sambas

2 jersey, easy-to-wear dresses

That's it!

My guess is that I can create a satisfying spring capsule wardrobe using 30 pieces or less. Have you started thinking about your spring wardrobe yet? Any interest in creating your own capsule wardrobe for spring? Let me know if you need some help. Click below to learn more about my styling packages:

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