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Birkenstocks were previously known as the comfortable, yet clunky and somewhat ugly sandal. Now, they are on-trend and can be seen everywhere! New styles and colors have given the brand a refreshing makeover, and this makes styling these shoes a breeze. “Birks” are great for spring, summer, and fall, but today I’ve styled a few summery outfits to show just how versatile these shoes really are.

The important thing to remember when wearing Birks is that they look best with a simple outfit. The shoes themselves aren’t too intricate or complicated, so the rest of your outfit should reflect that. Now let’s take a look at three different ways to style Birks for the summer.

1. This first look is a great outfit for a casual day. It’s perfect for running errands or grabbing coffee. The black Birks are nice and simple, so they pair well with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans and a soft tee. There’s no need to wear a lot of jewelry (especially when you’re running around), so a minimalist watch and simple black bag complete the look. An oversized cardigan can also add to the laid-back look on colder days.

2. This second outfit is a little more put together. White Birks can be easily dressed up or down, so they pair nicely with dresses and skirts. For a more casual beachy look, you could try a plain denim dress and a neutral colored tote. The floral dress is equally as easy to style, just add a couple of jewelry pieces and you are good to go. If white shoes aren’t your thing, the darker color options look great with dresses too. A crisp white dress and some oversized sunglasses are all you need for a chic, timeless outfit.

3. This third and final look is probably my favorite. It’s great for dinner out or an evening in the city! Birkenstocks look super cute with rompers, and make an easy outfit even easier. Depending on how dressy your romper is, you could select a silver pair like the ones above, or a more casual taupe or brown pair. The bold lip color and hoop earrings help to balance the look and transform a daytime look into one that is perfect for nighttime. If it’s getting chilly, add a light colored blazer to keep the look classy and elegant.

Because of their versatility, Birkenstocks are a great shoe to have in your wardrobe. Not only do they have the ability to be dressed up or down, but they are also extremely comfortable. With all the available style and color options, you’re sure to find a pair (or pairs!) that fit your style.

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Images via Pinterest and Polyvore

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