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May 1, 2017



European luxury shoe designers use millimeters to measure heel height and while it might seem confusing, in simple terms it’s a mathematical formula:


10 mm = 1 cm

2.54 cm = 1 in


When you walk into luxury boutiques such as Jimmy Choo, the shoes have names plus a number where the number reflects the height of the heel:

Kathleen 130

Ren 100

Keena 85


This season, I treated myself to the Jimmy Choo Veto 65 in Denim because who wouldn't want these sexy shoes in denim?  I get compliments every time I wear them and because of the ideal heel height, I can walk for days. On a typical client shopping trip, I walk about 5 miles and can do so without any problems in these beauties. For me, the 65 is ideal.


Here’s an explanation of the various heights you’ll find at Jimmy Choo:



Kathleen 130, $1,195




Ren 100 in Dahlia Suede, $895




Keena 85 in Cobalt Suede, $995




Veto 65 in Light Mocha Suede, $850


If you're in love with the shoes featured above and want to try them on, stop in at Jimmy Choo in the Short Hills Mall and visit my friend, Cheryl. She’ll take good care of you!


Cheryl Renga

Store Manager, Jimmy Choo




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