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LET'S GET INTIMATE: Bra Shopping with Nordstrom Short Hills

March 15, 2017


Friends, can we get intimate for a second? When was the last time you were professionally fitted for a bra? Well, chances are you're long overdue. Right? Unfortunately, that also means that you're likely wearing the wrong size! Wearing the wrong size bra can affect everything from your shape in clothes to your posture. I recently stopped in the lingerie department at Nordstrom Short Hills with a client for her annual fitting. I wanted to discuss the dreaded task of bra shopping and learn more about bra care. (Because let's face it, the better we care for our bras - the less often we have to bra shop!)



Nordstrom: Bra Tips



Avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row. This gives the bra's elasticity time to resume its original shape, which will extend the life of your bra.



Always wash your bras with a special lingerie detergent. Most bras benefit from hand-washing in lukewarm water, but for those of us who don't have time to manage regular washing by hand they can also be washed in a machine on delicate in warm or cool water. If you do decide to put your bras in the machine, fasten the hooks and use a mesh bag to protect them from snagging on other clothing.



Never use a dryer. I repeat, NEVER use a dryer. After washing, gently reshape molded cups and hang to air-dry. Avoid wringing or stretching your bras.



The biggest mistake we know of in bra care is not getting professionally fitted. No, you cannot just buy the same size year after year. Body changes, weight fluctuation, weight lifting, nursing, having a baby - all of these will change your bra size. Another mistake women make is waiting until the very last minute to buy new bras. Bras don't last forever! If you have 3-4 good bras and you rotate them properly, they should last you one year. If you haven't replaced your bras recently, now is a great time to start with professionally fitted ones!



Tee shirt 



Sexy lace



"Thank you so much for finding a bra specialist, setting up the appointment and accompanying me during my fitting.  It was a great experience and Justine was so knowledgeable, patient and helpful.  I love all my new bras and know they will make me feel and look great underneath the gorgeous clothes I now have in my closet, thanks to your personal styling over the years. I truly appreciate how you always go above and beyond and make me feel like a VIP. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Maggie Z., Entrepreneur. Short Hills, NJ.

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Many thanks to Justine Jones from Nordstrom Short Hills for making this post possible, and for taking the time to answer my questions, measure my client for new bras, and recommend new styles. If you're in need of a professional fitting, go see Justine as soon as you can and get your foundations ready for spring.


Justine Jones

Nordstrom Short Hills

Salesperson, Lingerie

973.467.1500 ext 1240

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