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November 1, 2016


You know those women who always look amazing? They radiate beauty but never look fussy or like they are trying too hard? Style confidence. That’s the reason.


Style confidence is something we all strive for since I'm sure nobody starts their day thinking "I hope I put on a bad outfit today!" Achieving that sense of style, however, isn’t something that’s a given. It’s a skill that takes thought and practice.


In my opinion, having style confidence is important because as women, it can mean the difference between feeling powerful and going for it! Or feeling blah and staying stuck.


If you’ve hit rock bottom with your wardrobe and want a way out, here are 5 steps to finding your personal style confidence.



LOVE 100%

Look inside your closet. Do you love everything you see? Or do you feel uninspired? If you're feeling the latter, start decluttering! Pull out everything that you feel 'blah' about and only keep the items you love 100%. Not 80%. Not sometimes when you feel fat. 100%. Get rid of everything else or at least move those pieces out of your closet.


Style Uniform

Have an outfit you love and feel great in? Get lots of compliments when you're wearing it? Make that your style uniform and recreate that look using different pieces.


Simple Color Palette

Mixing colors and/or patterns can be overwhelming. To make things easier, start with colors you like that look good on you. For example, if you love wearing black and white, start there. And then introduce one new color at a time.


Ignore Trends

Don’t focus on trends to build your wardrobe. Instead, focus on the essentials like black pants, great fitting jeans, a nice blouse, and a perfect tee-shirt. Start with the basics.



Before you head out to shop, spend time thinking about what’s missing in your wardrobe. Read magazines and blogs and pay attention to outfits you like. Pro tip: Pinterest is a great tool for creating your personal style mood board. (Take a look at my Fall 2016 Personal Style Mood Board here.) Then, write down a wish list and stay focused while you're shopping!



Invest the time to think about your personal style goals and develop your style confidence because we all deserve to feel amazing in our clothes, everyday. What we wear is the first impression people have of us. So make it count.


Good luck! And let me know if you need some help.

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