Elaine Yu - Simply Chic Styling


Ah fall. A time for reinvention, a chance to hit the reset button. New school year, new beginnings. Every so often, I use this blog to do some reflection and right now, as I prepare to celebrate 3 years as a business owner, I'm thinking about my entrepreneurial journey thus far. Seems like the right time as my kids settle into 4th and 8th grades and I prepare for the busy fall styling season.

In 2014, I launched Simply Chic Styling and boy, did I feel like an imposter! Have you ever felt that way? After ten years of being a full time mom, it felt like I was playing dress up. Who me - a business woman? I was redefining myself and at the time, it felt uncomfortable, scary and awkward.

Now, almost 3 years later, I feel more confident as an entrepreneur but more importantly, I feel less fear. I know that I'm in the driver's seat and while this entrepreneurial road is windy, unexpected and outside my comfort zone much of the time, I've come to embrace it. Actually, I love it! In the last few years, I've tried some things that were big successes and I also did things that were big failures. But every minute of this adventure is awesome and I crave that sinking feeling in my stomach when I don't quite know what the outcome will be.

My business has evolved and will continue to do so but there's one thing I know for sure. I'm not afraid to fall. I'll make mistakes, get right back up, take the leap again, and trust myself. Because what's the worst thing that can happen?

Stay tuned for a new blog post in my Entrepreneur Series coming January 2017 when Simply Chic Styling turns 3! In the meantime, check out the existing posts here, here and here. Thanks for reading!

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