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Happy 2.5 Simply Chic Styling! My journey as an entrepreneur continues and to celebrate this milestone, I'm sharing my 11 essential tools I can't live without as a personal stylist entrepreneur. What are some business tools you can't live without?

1. Macbook Pro: My first year in business I used a PC and then I saved my pennies and bought myself a Mac. Best first business investment.

2. Headphones: I use these for conference calls and mood music. I finally upgraded from my Apple earbuds!

3. Passion Planner: Used to organize my entire life from meeting schedules to task lists to workout plans to kids' playdates and meal planning.

4. Foam Whiteboards: For styling social media photos. I originally learned how to style photos by reading this blog post by Laura James Studio.

5. Photos: You simply cannot project a professional image without professional photos and I use mine for everything from blogs to social media posts. Have you met my photographer Mallika Malhotra? If not, hurry over and visit her website because if you don't have professional photos for your business, you need some pronto! For spontaneity, I'll sometimes post pictures taken with my iPhone too.

6. Portable Steamer: Do you hate to iron as much as I do? Meet your new best friend right here.

7. Networking Clutch: A small purse pre-filled with all my essentials like pens and business cards so I can grab it and be ready to network.

8. Portable Clothing Rack: For presentations, closet styling sessions, and style seminars. Every personal stylist needs one of these.

9. Favorite Business Book: Last year I read around 20 business books and this one was my favorite. Especially after we flew Virgin Air to London and I got to experience the Virgin way first hand.

10. Stylish Sticky Notes: I am quite forgetful and these stylish sticky notes help me remember everything from who I need to call to my Costco shopping list.

11. Papermate Flair Markers: Because writing in color makes life more fun!

Thanks for reading! Read more in my Entrepreneur Series here and here. And if you have a business tool you simply can't live without, please leave it in the comments below.

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