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Why I LOVE/HATE Athleisure

What is athleisure? Wikipedia's definition:

Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed activewear, is worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions.

I have a love/hate relationship with athleisure. You'd think I would love it deeply because I'm a personal stylist and an athlete (Ironman triathlete and marathoner).

But sometimes, I hate it. Why? Because I see my fellow moms wearing yoga pants all day looking like they rolled out of bed and it looks like they've given up. Trust me. I get it. I'm a mother of 3 and when I gave birth to my twins 12 years ago, I felt resigned to being a frumpy mom. But then someone told me that there's no rule saying once you become a mom you HAVE to dress like you don't matter. So true!

I'm not saying you have to dress fancy and fussy everyday like a celebrity. That's not my flavor. My point of view is that as women, we always deserve to look beautiful and feel confident in what we wear.

Check below for style tips on how to wear athleisure with confidence.

Big thanks to Nadia Murdoch Fit and Bloomingdale's Short Hills for hosting our Style and Fitness Pop Up Shop. Athletic brands available at Bloomingdale's include Spiritual Gangster, Under Armour, Sweaty Betty, Nike, and Onzie.

How to wear athleisure with confidence:

1. Athleisure is a style.

Not a way to give up! You still have to put some thought into it and plan your outfits. Start with the foundation which are your workout pieces. Lululemon and Athleta are always popular but there are less pricier options available as well. Old Navy and Target have great selection. My personal favorites are Lululemon and Betty Designs.

2. Strategic cut outs are HOT.

Look sexy while you work out with cut outs. I've been seeing lots of back and shoulder cut outs as well as mesh panel pieces on leggings. I love them all but be sure to pick one cut out piece to wear at a time.

3. Printed pants are HOT.

Go for those loud printed pants and pair them with a solid tank. Look how beautiful Nadia looks below in her Nike printed workout tights.

4. Know your body.

Think about which part of your body you like and highlight it. For me, it's my arms and shoulders because I've been working hard to lift heavier weights. And remember, it's always a good idea to cover your tush when you step ouf of the gym!

5. Pick the right accessories.

If you're running errands or heading to lunch after your workout, add the right accessories to your outfit so you look polished - a leather or cargo jacket, trendy gym bag, and stylish sneakers will do the trick!

Athleisure looks by Tory Burch, Mara Hoffman, and Rebecca Minkoff:

What are your thoughts on the athleisure trend. Do you love it? Or hate it? Tell me your opinion in the comments below.

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