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One of the key benefits of my signature Sort, Shop & Style package is the personalized lookbook, a group of photos taken of clients in complete outfits using their clothes and accessories. My clients use the lookbook when they need to quickly pull together an outfit but can't remember the details. Or when they are packing for a trip or getting dressed for an important occasion - it relieves the stress that comes with the question "What am I going to wear?"

Creating your own lookbook is easy! Here's a step by step guide:

1. CREATE OUTFITS: Lay out your outfits on the floor and take pictures. Be sure to create outfits for all occasions including work, everyday, business trip, cocktail party, date night, and football games.

2. TAKE PICTURES: You can alo have a style session with a friend and have her take pictures of you wearing your outfits.

3. Another good time to take style pictures is when you're shopping. You can take a selfie using the dressing room mirror or ask the salesperson to help you. Seeing yourself in clothes from a different angle can help with your decision.

4. PRINT PHOTOS: Once you have all the photos, send them to be printed. You can send them to your local photo shop, CVS / Walgreens or you can upload them to Shutterfly and the photos will be mailed to you.

5. CREATE BOOKLET: Once you have all of your printed photos, you can bind them together into a booklet. You can use a binder ring and punch holes or, you can take the photos to Staples to have them bound.

6. PHOTO BOX: Another option is put the prints in a photo box so you can lay out the pictures and view your outfits stategically. ​

Once you have your lookbook ready, you'll find it really useful being able to see your outfits in this format instead of staring into your closet feeling overwhelmed. It's like having a menu of outfits to choose from and you can zero in on a look depending on the occasion and your mood.

My clients also use their lookbooks when packing to go on trips. They use the photos as a guide and pulling the pieces of the outfit together is a breeze.

If you need help putting together your lookbook, I'd love to help! You can reach me at elaine@simplychicstyling.com.

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