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Originally, my plan was to write a blog post about fall trends. Everywhere you look it's all about the latest trends. Fringe and suede are big this season. As are new denim styles.

But then I recently decided that I dislike trends. As a 42 year old mother of 3, I don't dress trendy. My goal isn't to keep up with the latest "it" piece or what's featured in magazines and style blogs.

It's important that I stay current and keep my style updated, especially as a persoonal stylist, but I avoid trends that come and go. Sometimes when I try on a trendy piece it feels as if I'm trying too hard which I definitely don't want. What I have developed, on the other hand, is my authentic style. That means I have figured out a style uniform that I generally tend to stick to that is true to who I am.

In my heart and soul I'm a jeans and tee shirt kinda girl. On weekends you'll usually find me in a pair of AG jeans and an Old Navy tee. To add interest, I'll throw on an accessory like this beautiful star necklace by Pamela Bloom or a pair of booties with a fun cutout detail. Simple and chic.

When I get dressed for work, I like to add some punch and wear bold prints. As a petite person, I feel that wearing bold prints allows me to stand out without having to say a word.

Recently, I was featured in The Paid Stylist Alumnni Spotlight where I wrote this about finding your authentic style: "I think it's important to highlight one style element that communicates your personality or brand. This can be with a special accessory or a unique print - something that says "this is what I'm about" without having to speak. For me, I'm naturally drawn to geometric prints that say "I'm fearless", "Call me creative", and "I don't take myself too seriously!""

If you're having a hard time figuring out what your authentic style is, take pictures of your outfits for a week. Then take a look at the photos strategically and you might notice some things about your authentic style that you didn't see before.

Remember that your style should always reflect who you really are. So tell me, what's your authentic style?

If you need some help figuring out your authentic style, email me at elaine@simplychicstyling.com or click here to learn more about my personal styling services.

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