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Happy summer everybody! Meet my friend and makeup artist Norah Salazar. She is the genius behind my hair and makeup in the photos you see on my website. When I have questions about what products to use on my aging acne prone skin, she's the person I turn to. With the beautiful warm weather comes gorgeous sunshine which means we need to be serious about sunscreen. Read Norah's post below about the importance of wearing sun protection in addition to her recommended products.

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This is a staggering figure. Melanoma awareness is a cause I am very passionate about because I feel it affects everyone and if you wear sunscreen everyday, this is how you can protect yourself. In this day and age, there are countless sun protection products in the market. If you lead a busy life and don't wear much makeup, you can get a daily moisturizer with at minimum SPF 15 for less than $20, apply it every morning as you get ready. The beauty of being aware about sun damage is that our grocery stores, drugstores and department stores low and high end, all carry products specifically designed to protect our skin from sun exposure.

But what happens if we don't protect our face and skip sunscreen? First, there is damage to our skin fibers, and this tends to show up later in life, not while we are young. In simpler terms, sun exposure will age you as much as cigarette smoking will. Also, if you over expose the skin to sun rays, the risk of Melanoma increases. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults 25-29 years old and the second-most common form of cancer for adolescents and young adults 15-29 years old, according to the AAD. Warning signs include changes in size, shape or color of a mole or other lesion, the appearance of a new growth on the skin or a sore that doesn't heal.

OK, back to sunscreens, you must wear them daily especially if you enjoy the outdoors and notice a change in your skin during summer months, a lot of people tend to darken a bit. Some of my favorite affordable brands for sunscreen are CeraVe Facial moisturizing lotion spf 30, it comes in oily and dry skin formulation, it is less than $20. Another drugstore hero is Cetaphil Derma Oil Control Moisturizer spf 30, this is ideal for oily skin types. For a splurge and a bundle of good ingredients to compliment your skin, I love Dermalogica and Super Goop, both brands carry oil free options, coverage, tinted moisturizers and even makeup primers.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so be kind and take care of it.

Norah is a makeup artist living in South Orange, NJ. She received her formal training at the Makeup Forever Academy in Singapore. To learn more about Norah and read her makeup tips, visit Norah Loves Make Up.

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