Elaine Yu - Simply Chic Styling


Recently I traveled to Paris for a long weekend to spend time with my sister and run the Paris marathon. We have 5 kids between us and it was our first trip together since all of them were born. The trip was magical! Paris is so beautiful, our timing was perfect with spring weather and it was wonderful to experience the city again with my younger sister.

We stayed at the Hotel Marginan right off of the Champs Elysees because that's where the race start and finish is. The location was very convenient and we spent most of our time walking and taking the metro to other arrondissements. This is the view from our hotel balcony which I enjoyed everyday!

During the trip, I took notice of Parsian style and one thing I saw was that women mostly wear classics. I didn't see anything overly trendy but saw lots of beautifully tailored classic pieces like blazers and skirts paired with ballet flats, pumps and printed scarves.

Everything we ate was superb and of the highest quality. Even a soft boiled egg at breakfast never tasted so good. The one thing I ate every single day during my visit was a baguette with butter and jam - my favorite!

Crepe at the Breizh Cafe.

The city is so gorgeous and there is beauty everywhere! Not having wifi access during our walks around the city was a relief. I enjoyed being disconnected from my phone, social media and email during our vacation.

If you are considering the Paris marathon, I highly recommend it. Here is a detailed race report from DC Rainmaker and you can enter the lottery for a 2016 number here.

My sister and I already miss Paris and will most certainly go back again together. Au revoir Paris! Until next time...