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I recently styled Betty Galvan, blogger at My Friend Betty Says, for two upcoming presentations. Her initial instinct was to stick with pants and a blouse - which would have been fine! But when I suggested that she wear dresses instead, she loved the idea and I got to work.

Dressing for a presentation requires careful consideration because you are in the spotlight! Read below for more tips on what to wear when you are speaking in front of an audience.

Some other things to consider when dressing for a presentation:

- Dress for your audience. Be sure to think about who will be in the audience and what they will be wearing. You don't want to be overdressed or it will appear as though you are trying too hard.

- Make sure your outfit looks good from all angles. If possible, have someone take pictures of you in your outfit from all different angles including sitting and from the back. If something looks a little off, you want to fix it beforehand.

- Wear something colorful! A bright color is visually attractive and will help your audience stay focused on you.

- Be comfortable. If your outfit is uncomfortable or fussy, it will show on your face. Make sure you can move around comfortably in your outfit.

- Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident. First impressions are formed within seconds so you want to project the right image right from the start!

- Avoid distractions. I love a good stack of bangle bracelets but don't wear them during a presentation. The sound will distract your audience and they will not be able to listen to what you are saying.

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